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Brooks Divide 4 review

If you’re looking to take your first running steps on the trail, you’d do well to consider the Brooks Divide 4 as your first trail running shoe. It’s a good entry-level option for light trails and won’t break the bank like some of the best running shoes might.

This is the fourth edition of the Brooks Divide and the shoe stays true to the things that made it popular: it’s an easy to wear shoe with a road-shoe style fit and it’s priced at the most affordable end of the market. Let’s see how it stacks up against the best Brooks running shoes.

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Brooks Divide 4 technical details

Weight: 263g
Drop: 8mm
Lugs: 3mm
Sizes: UK 3-10
Price: £110

Brooks Divide 4 pros and cons


  • great price
  • Good door-to-trail option
  • Grips well on wet road


  • A little firm on the road for some

What is the shoe for?

The Divide 4 is billed as a ‘road-to-trail’ shoe which means it should perform equally as comfortable on the road as on the trail. Most of us (and particularly trail newbies) are likely to run a combination of both. It’s designed for light trail and is for neutral runners.

How do they fit?

Brooks have gone for a road-shoe style fit for the Divide 4 which means they have a little more room in the toe box than you’d typically find on trail shoes. This makes them well suited to those transitioning to trail running or who just like a little more room for their toes. They fit true to size and the upper hugged my foot well.

Is the Brooks Divide 4 comfortable?

This is a comfortable shoe to run in, but the foam is on the firmer side of cushioning. This isn’t really an issue on the trail where you’ll spend most of your time. On the road, however, I’d personally have liked just a little more softness.

The upper is very comfortable and has no lumps or bumps to rub. The main updates on this edition of the shoe have been to enhance the upper to give better breathability and protection. I ran on a hot but damp day and my feel felt neither hot or damp at the end of my run.

Brooks Divide 4 running review

My first run in these shoes was a four-mile trail run that took in woods, a loose path and a more gravelly stretch along a river. There was a few hundred meters of road thrown in too – all idea testing ground for a road-to-trail shoe.

Heading out from home along the road, I did find myself wishing that DNA LOFT cushioning was just a little softer underfoot. It’s a firmer ride than I wanted that day. However, once on the trail I had no such complaints.

It was a drizzly day so the ground underfoot was damp. I was really impressed with how the shoe gripped on the wet road. The TrailTack rubber outsole provided good traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

My legs were a little tired from a race earlier in the week, but the shoe felt light on my feet and never cumbersome. It dealt well with the varied, light trail that I took it over and I felt protected from sharp stones and the occasional tree branch.

Where can I buy it?

You can get the Divide 4 directly from Brooks or head to your local running shop.

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