Box Components Refines Flagship Box One 9-Speed ​​Drivetrain

Box Components Box One rear derailleur mounted from the side

Box Components Box One rear derailleur mounted from the sidePhoto c. R. Frazelle

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Regarding how many gears you need on your mountain bike, Southern California’s Box Components has been preaching “nine is fine” for some time now. And the latest refinements to their 9-speed, ultra-wide range flagship group, Box One, showcase the company’s commitment to the “less is more” train of thought.

While the Box One chain remains unchanged, the shifter, rear derailleur, and cassette bring some substantial new advancements to their wide-range 9-speed group.

Let’s see what’s new.

Box One Shifter 2nd Gen

Box Components Box One shifter from the top
Photo c. R. Frazelle

The new Box One shifter has been refined with the following features:

  • Metal injection gears: Tougher and harder which increases service life and offers crisper feedback when shifting.
  • Magnesium top shell: The new shell adds strength without adding weight. Box says this also adds to crisper feedback.
  • Magnesium pull-lever: Adds strength without adding weight offering a stiffer lever for crisper shift feedback.
  • No-loss gear changes: Immediate engagement with shorter & faster gear pulls
  • Tactile pull-lever pad: Box says the increased friction means no more missed gears

Box One Rear Derailleur 2nd Gen

Box Components Box One rear derailleur
Box Components Box One rear derailleur mounted from the side

The following improvements have been added to the new generation of Box One rear derailleurs:

  • New geometry: 100% horizontal actuation means lighter ger pulls and less ghost shifting
  • Tri-Pack 2.0 clutch larger discs and finer threads: Increased torque and adjustability equate to less chain slap and easier set-up.
  • Set-up management: Out-of-sight cable, cable pully and adjustment screws, and laser B-gap mark equals clean and simple set-up
  • Wide offset cage: More pully offset and cage surface makes for tougher cage and snappy shifting
  • titanium hardware: Strength, corrosion resistance, and less weight lead to a longer service life

Box One 2nd Gen Cassette

Box Components Box One rear cassette
Box Components Box One rear cassette side angle
Box Components Box One one piece cassette on bike

When talking with Toby Henderson about the new cassette, he mentioned that the new cassette has a machined all-steel unibody lattice, with the support disc being made of alloy. It also has a:

  • Brand new tooth shape: Exact fit radii for Prime 9 chain rollers means much higher load capacity and longer service life
  • New tooth profile: Wider leading edge also yields a much higher load capacity and longer service life
  • New hardening process: 2x harder than Gen1 which also contributes to higher load capacity and longer component life span
  • New shift ramps: Adjusted shape and position means crisp and fast shifting

The new group isn’t quite ready for sale, but it’s coming soon. For more info on future pricing and availability for the new 2nd gen Box One hit the link below.

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