Australian entrepreneur aims to create a doping-encouraged Olympics

Enhanced Games

An Australian entrepreneur aims to develop a controversial alternative to the Olympic Games called The Enhanced Games, where athletes are free to participate without drug testing and are encouraged to embrace performance-enhancing drugs.

According to The Enhanced Games website, the event aims to provide an alternative to what they perceive as a corrupt Olympics. They criticize the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for its alleged exploitation of athletes, insufficient payment, and rejection of “enhanced” world records. “The Enhanced Games promotes the use of science and focuses on core sports, aiming to break world records and ensure fair compensation for athletes.” They argue that performance-enhancing drugs, when used responsibly, can significantly enhance training outcomes and allow athletes to reach their full potential.

The founder, Aaron D’Souza, believes his concept is morally justifiable, hoping that natural athletes will confidently demonstrate their abilities against their drug-enhanced counterparts, creating compelling television.

D’Souza’s concept has faced criticism from many, including the head of the Australian Olympic Committee Matt Carroll, who opposes the Enhanced Games, considering them “unsafe and irresponsible”. Carroll emphasizes the importance of clean and safe sports, highlighting that the Olympic movement is dedicated to athletic excellence, friendship, and respect. The concept has also been shunned by American sprinting legend Michael Johnsonwho called the games “ridiculous” and an “illogical PR stunt for doped athletes” on Twitter.

ben johnson
Canada’s Ben Johnson in the 100m at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul

The specific details, such as the event’s date and location, have yet to be announced for The Enhanced Games. In an interview with The Guardian, D’Souza disclosed that he has allegedly attracted investors from Silicon Valley, and two prominent Australian athletes have shown interest in participating. The competition will include five sports disciplines: track and field, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics, and combat sports. The Games are planned to be held on an annual basis.

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