At-home strength workouts with Canadian ultrarunner Jazmine Lowther

At-home strength workouts with Canadian ultrarunner Jazmine Lowther

Crab walks with arms (10 steps each way)

Now you’ll need your resistance band. Holding the ends in your hands, step on the band with both feet about shoulder-width apart. Then, trade ends in your hands, creating an X with the band. Once you’re in this position, take a step to the side, pretty much as far as the band will allow you to go. At the same time, pull the band up with your arms. This combined movement will create tension for your arms and legs, making the exercise more difficult but also more effective. Be sure to side-step in both directions.

Kettlebell swings (20 to 30 reps)

Kettlebell swings are a classic exercise that engages your back, legs and core. Despite the exercise’s name, you don’t have to use a kettlebell. Instead, you can use whatever weight you have (just be sure to hold on tight so you don’t let go during the swing). With your legs a bit more than shoulder-width apart, hold the weight in front of you with both hands. Then, hinge at the waist, bend your knees and bring the weight between your legs before thrusting your hips forward while swinging the weight up in front of you to about face-height. At this point, don’t let the weight fall on its own, and instead control its descent back between your legs before you repeat the motion.

Banded hip flexors (15 reps per leg)

Place one foot on your resistance band on the floor and then wrap your other foot in the band. Lift the wrapped foot up, bringing your knee to about waist-height. You’ll need to play with resistance here and find the perfect level for you. It should be tiring but not too arduous to get your reps in.

Single-leg deadlifts (10 to 15 reps per leg)

Holding your weight in one hand (or a weight in both hands if you have two available), lift one leg and slowly bend toward the floor. The weight(s) should descend parallel to your legs, and your raised leg should extend behind you (just like you did with the hip airplanes). Keep your core engaged and back straight, then straighten back up.

Standing clamshells (10 to 15 reps)

Wrap the band around your thighs, just above your knees. Bend your knees slightly and stand on one leg. Once in the correct position, bring your raised knee inward, then rotate it outward. Repeat until finished, then switch legs.

Clamshells can be done on the ground or while standing.

Goblet squats (15 to 20 reps)

You know how to do squats, and this exercise simply adds weight to the movement. Holding your weight in front of your chest, squat down nice and deep, then press back up in a controlled manner.

Reverse lunge with twist (10 reps per leg)

Once again holding your weight in front of you, lunge backward with one leg, then twist your torso to either side. Step back up and repeat the process. After you finish with one leg, be sure to carry on with the other one.

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