An essential guide to running on holiday

An essential guide to running on holiday

racing abroad

Once your holiday is booked, have a quick search online to see if there are any local races while you’re away. These can be a great way to get your runs in and run with other runners. And it’s always nice to take home a holiday souvenir in the shape of a race medal.

However, some races may ask for accreditation to your home nation’s athletics association or a medical certificate, so check before you sign up.

As well as races, there are parkruns all over the world so you may be able to dabble in a spot of parkrun tourism.

Running on holiday in hot weather

If you’re heading somewhere warmer than the UK, give your body time to adapt the the heat by reducing the volume and intensity of your training and paying attention to how your body feels. As you adapt you can gradually build up pace and distance without over-stressing the body.

Ideally plan your holiday runs for early or late in the day, when the temperatures are balmy (rather than baking), when the tourists are still in bed and when you can enjoy the magical light of dawn or dusk.

Running in very hot places such as the desert will dehydrate you extremely quickly. Make sure you run with water or a sports drink. Constantly sip before, during and after your run.

be sun safe

It’s also a good idea to pull on a cap and cover up as much of your body as possible – while this might not seem logical it can help you to keep cool but will also shield you from damaging UV rays. Looks for fabrics that offer UV protection.

Don’t forget to slap on the SPF and make sure it’s a sweat-resistant one. Look for sun protection that not only has a high SPF but a 4 or 5 star rating.

Read more tips for running in the heat.

Cultures and customs

While the weather may mean you would prefer to run in a running bra and short shorts, the motto ‘Sun’s out buns out’ isn’t appreciated worldwide. Some cultures take a strong view of workout wear. While you should wear what is comfortable for you, it is also wise to respect the local culture.

Stay safe while running on holiday

If you’re not familiar with the area, do all you can to stay safe. Ask a local if there are any areas to avoid and if you’re heading out into remote areas, such as a forest, take a running buddy with you. At the very least carry a phone and tell someone where you’re going and what time you’ll be back. If you’re running along the coast, stay away from cliff edges and find out the tide times before powering along the sand.

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