6 best running hats for all seasons

6 best running hats for all seasons

Come rain or shine, hats are an essential running accessory for many of us during training or race days.

There may be more benefits to wearing running hats than you’d expect. Besides keeping your hair out of your face or blocking the sun, the moisture-wicking fabric can absorb sweat from your head and prevent it from running down into your eyes. Running hats are also made from breathable materials which let heat escape and keep you cool.

You can find different hats that can be worn all year round and hats for specific seasons. From caps to beans, there are so many to choose from.

To make your decision-making easier, we rounded up the best running hats from the top sportswear brands, including Nike, New Balance, Salomon, and Proviz.

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Best running hats

1. Nike Legacy91 Tech Hat
Buy now on Amazon – £27.61

Nike DriFit running hat

Technical details:

  • one size
  • Material: polyester and cotton
  • Wicking material to absorb swear
  • Colors: Black, red, gray, blue, white
  • adjustable metal buckle

Running caps are great for protecting your eyes from the sun and preventing beads of sweat from dribbling into your eyes.

Nike’s Legacy91 running hat is ideal for everyday running. Its Dri-Fit technology absorbs sweat keeping you dry and comfortable.

Although it’s one size, the back of the cap is fitted with a metal buckle to adjust the size.

2. Salomon XA Cap
Buy now on Amazon – £22.00

saloman running cap

Technical details:

  • Size: S-XL
  • Material: polyester
  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Colors: Black, red, blue, white
  • adjustable buckle

If you’re looking for a lightweight running cap, look no further. Salomon’s running cap is made with a lightweight, breathable material which keeps your head cool whilst still providing protection from the elements.

Available in a range of sizes from S to XL, the stretchy material prevents the hat from feeling too tight and uncomfortable.

3. New Balance Lightweight Running Skullcap Hat
Buy now on Amazon – £17.95

new balance skull cap

Technical details:

  • one size
  • Material: polyester and elastane (jersey-style material)
  • Lightweight, stretchy material
  • Colour: Black

New Balance lightweight skullcap provides a comfortable snug fit to your head and keeps your hair in place.

The soft jersey material is breathable and absorbs sweat, keeping your head cool and dry. This is the perfect hat for cold evening runs or chilling autumn/winter days.

4. Gadiemkensd Unstructured Quick Dry Sports Cap
Buy now on Amazon – £9.99

Gadiemkensd running hat

Technical details:

  • Sizes: ML
  • Material: Nylon
  • UPF 50+ UV Protection
  • Colour: Pink, black, white, plus 6 more

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly running hat that is great value for money, look no further than Gadiemkensd’s Unstructured Quick Dry Sports Cap.

Priced at just £9.99, this sports cap is the ideal accessory for running. The breathable, soft material makes for a comfortable fit and is quick drying.

Additionally, the unstructured cap means that it can be easily stored in your running backpack without taking up precious space.

5. TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat
Buy now on Amazon – £22.00

trailheads peach running cap

Technical details:

  • one size
  • Material: Polyester
  • Mesh construction for quick drying and breathability
  • Colour: Pink, green, white, plus more

When running in the summer, you want a hat that will protect your eyes from the blinding sun but will also allow heat to escape from your head to avoid overheating.

Trailheads’ lightweight cap is the must-have race day accessory weighing only 2 ounces! Choose from 9 colors and style with your race day fit.

6. Proviz REFLECT360 Micro Fleece-Lined Breathable Beanie Hat
Buy now on Amazon – £25.55

Proviz reflective running beanie

Technical details:

  • one size
  • Material: Polyester (microfleece feel)
  • Reflective trim for visibility
  • Colour: Neon Yellow, pink, blue, black

Reflective clothing is essential for staying visible during your dark evening runs.

You also want something that is going to keep you warm, that’s why we think the Proviz REFLECT360 microfleece-lined beanie is the ideal running hat to keep you safe and cozy.

The microfleece lining will keep your head toasty while allowing heat and sweat to escape.

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