5Dev has the wildest machined cranks, stems, and pedals at the Sea Otter Classic 2023

5Dev has the wildest machined cranks, stems, and pedals at the Sea Otter Classic 2023

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I am a sucker for industrial-looking bike parts, particularly if they have flashy anodized finishes. That was the case for one of my favorite spots at the Sea Otter Classic 2023, 5Dev. The San Diego company makes their components out of milled aluminum and titanium. And while their cranks, chainrings, pedals, and more might not be the first name in value-oriented components, their components sure are distinctive.

5Dev is the younger, more expressive division of an aerospace machining company called 5th Axis. Their position means they clogged up a critical artery of the Sea Otter Classic, but everyone who stopped by was sure to see something cool.

To be clear, the majority of this gear is mountain bike-centric, but it all shows off their manufacturing prowess. Folks interested in road and gravel will be happy to know 5DEV has gravel cranks unofficially ready for order, with an official release later this year.

With that said, here’s what to expect from the young company.

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5Dev’s cranks start with a block billet aluminum. It then gets milled down to the lattice-looking finish, before being flipped over for finishing work. This version here in aluminum lacks a colored anodized finish but still stuns.
Lattices are fun. I’m curious to see what long-term longevity looks like with these cranks.
There is an array of finishing options and combinations, including the holy grail of anodization: purple with an electric blue.
5Dev also makes two different flat pedals in matching anodized finishes. The pedals are also made in San Diego, though the pins and other hardware are sourced from outside San Diego.
More detail of the cranks that goes to show just how much they’re machining down their cranks, specifically using titanium rather than their 7075 aluminum.
The 5Dev team also showed off a custom Evil mountain bike with a painted finish over their bike.
The folks at 5Dev will be giving away custom-engraved and anodized chainrings for Sea Otter Classic 2023. This is one of the coolest souvenirs one could get from a show like this, I’d say.

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