2023 Xtreme Bodybuilding Pro Classic Physique Show Results — Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale Wins

2023 Xtreme Bodybuilding Pro Classic Physique Show Results — Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale Wins

Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale of Brazil has won the 2023 Xtreme Bodybuilding Pro Classic Physique show. The contest was held in Tijuana, Mexico, on Saturday, July 15, 2023, and Vale was the best out of 17 competitors in the lineup.

As a result, Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale is qualified for the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. The top 15 for this show are below:

2023 Xtreme Bodybuilding Pro Results

  1. Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale (Brazil)
  2. Diego Alejandro Galindo (Brazil)
  3. Jorge Herrera (Mexico)
  4. Gabriel Domingo Hernandez Aguirre (Mexico)
  5. Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos (Mexico)
  6. Luis Roberto Valenzuela Ramos (Mexico)
  7. Jose Alfredo Anaya Blanco (Mexico)
  8. Fernando Bueno (Mexico)
  9. Yashar Anbari (Iran)
  10. Jordan Tripp-Arthur (USA)
  11. Miguel Buglione (Panama)
  12. Luis David Restrepo Bucheli (Colombia)
  13. antonio diaz (USA)
  14. Alan Mariano Garcia (USA)
  15. Jonathan Jimenez (USA)

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Winner — Fabio Junio ​​Ramos Vale

Both the pre-judging and finals were scored in this contest, and Vale won both rounds in a decisive fashion. This is his first IFBB Pro League win. If he competes in the 2023 Olympia, it will be his debut on that stage.

Vale is the third Classic Physique athlete from Brazil to qualify for the 2023 Olympia. The other two are Ramon Rocha Querioz and Eric Wildberger Lisboa.

Second Place — Diego Alejandro Galindo

Galindo made this show a one-two finish for Brazil. According to NPC News Online, Galindo’s only other pro show was the 2022 edition of this contest, where he finished third overall.

If the 2023 Olympia is in Galindo’s plans, he will have to compete at least once more, as only pro show winners qualify for the 2023 Olympia.

Third Place — Jorge Herrera

Herrera was the highest-ranked athlete from Mexico in this contest. Competitors from Mexico occupied third through sixth place, clustering the center of the rankings.

This was Herrera’s second contest of the 2023 season, following a second-place finish at the 2023 Mile High Pro. There is no word on whether he will compete again this season as of this writing.

Other Notes

This was one of three Classic Physique shows taking place on July 15-16, 2023. The Vancouver Pro winner was John Le, and Carlos Dommar took first place in the Legend Murray Atlanta Pro. Both of those winners join Vale on the list of qualified athletes for the Classic Physique Olympia.

The next Classic Physique contests are the 2023 Chicago Pro and the 2023 Colombia Pro, both on the weekend of July 22-23, 2023.

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